Fresh or chilled bovine meat: Cattle beef and its high quality in all its cuts.

Fattoria Fontetto for fresh and chilled meat has 4 product lines:
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  • Bovine born in France and bred in Italy;
  • Bovine born in Italy and bred in Italy;
  • Bovine IGP born in Italy and bred in Italy;
  • Bovine BIO born in Italy or France and bred in Italy.

The breeds bred are Chianina, Romagnola, Marchigiana, Limousine for a total of about 1500 items.

The number of references of the anatomical cuts that produces Fattoria Fontetto exceeds 40 units and moreover, at the customer's request, it is possible to make special cuts and processes of the meat.

All anatomic cuts are stored under vacuum with a shelf life of 30 days if fresh maintaining the same quality level; while frozen they have a shelf life of about 2 years.

The cattle are slaughtered in the cutting-edge slaughterhouse designed according to the method developed by the Animal Science Professor Temple Grandin, which avoids unnecessary suffering to the animal which is not forced to enter the slaughterhouse but independently runs a sinuous path that accompanies it towards the slaughterhouse. In this way the production of lactic acid and adrenaline is avoided, which gives to the meat of Fattoria Fontetto its characteristic tenderness.

After the thermal abatement in special cells to reduce the bacterial load and thus improve the healthiness of the meat, there is the period of maturation followed by cutting and subsequent packaging in the laboratory inside the company.

The quality of the production process is certified by:

  • an Independent Body for the Biological sector;
  • from the ministerial authorization IT149ET for the traceability and labeling of the beef of its own chain to km. 0;
  • inspections related to the IGP specification.