Quality: Our meat’s “higher quality” is not only a brand, but the result of a production chain which always respects the animal’s dignity.

Passion and expertise. Our meat’s “higher quality” is not only a brand, but the result of a specific process. There are many people complaining about the fact that, about fifty years ago, meat used to taste better…well, there must be a reason: our grandfathers’ times taught us slaughter was an event, a moment of celebration to share all together.

Fontetto Farm tries to respect the animal even after it is slaughtered, bringing to the table a genuine product, giving additional value to what we eat. Just like our grandparents used to do.

Not only our breeding methods contribute to such high quality meat, but also its careful and thorough processing which includes, from the beginning, the separation of the dirtiest parts of the carcass. Then, thanks to the so-called “cold chain” (blast chilling in special cells), the bacterial load is drastically reduced, contributing to the healthiness of the meat that, only at a later time, can be delivered on-the-bone or vacuum-sealed to our butchers.

Full transparency is our undertaking’s most important value. The IT 149 ET production specification, acknowledged by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry politics, guarantees and certifies the quality of our supply chain, giving the end user additional information which actually is not provided for by the European legislation.

Furthermore, as of today, we are the only italian firm that has his livestock, slaughterhouse, laboratory and commercialization bound to the IGP consortium “ Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale” that we also are partners with.