Sustainable farming: Our cattle are born and grow in respect of all their biological stages of life.

What does ethical and sustainable farming mean?

It means respecting the environment around us
, through an extensive and not intensive use of such precious land, caring about each animal’s welfare while preserving all the biological stages of its life. Our cattle live in a pure and natural context, unfettered and free to move.

Our shelters are outdoors: taking advantage of the bactericidal action of solar radiation, they are designed to give maximum comfort. We grant the use of straw, fundamental to make litter boxes look as close as possible like the animal’s natural habitat. Their food, cereals and fodder, comes mostly from our land and can be integrated with neighboring productions.



Even in the final stage of its life, everything is designed to avoid unnecessary suffering: the animal enters the slaughter following a winding walkway, designed by the famous scholar in Animal Science Dr. Temple Grandin, without being forced and uselessly stressed out.

This also serves to avoid the production of adrenaline, helping to make the meat more tender.