Organoleptic Properties: The quality of Fattoria Fontetto's meat is immediately perceptible.

1. Colour. It’s a pinkish colour, influenced by the cattle’s age and feeding, the slaughter process and maturation process.

2. Scent. The company’s fresh and healthy meats have a mild scent.

3. Taste. The flavour and the right amount of juices are given by the natural products (cereals and forage) with which we feed our cattle.

4. Texture. Fattoria Fontetto’s meat has a very tender and velvety texture to the touch and to the palate because the cattle do not produce adrenaline and lactic acid in the slaughter process.

Only the high standards of Fattoria Fontetto’s integrated supply chain can guarantee excellent quality throughout the entire process, from the selection of each individual animal for farming, to the specific diet plan and the animal welfare through each phase of the chain (farming, transport, slaughtering).